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I want to torture the lowlifes that voted for the bankruptcy bill

House Speaker Dennis “two heart attacks away from the Presidency” Hastert, R-Ill., answers a reporter’s question after signing newly pass bankruptcy legislation on Capitol Hill Thursday, April 14, 2005. Senator Ted “Sex Toy” Stevens, R-Alaska, is at left and Senate Majority Leader Bill “Cat Killer” Frist, R-Tenn., at right. The bill now goes to Chimpy. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

This dreadful bankruptcy “reform” legislation passed. Remember, most bankruptcies are due to medical bills, not profligate spending. These legislators knew this and voted for it anyway.

People with incomes above a certain level must pay credit card charges, medical bills and other obligations under a court-ordered bankruptcy plan. The real kicker is that folks under the gun will now have to pay for credit counseling.

It sounds like the f*cking credit card industry got everything they wanted and more, and the consumers that they throw easy credit to are screwed. How about this — Democrats tried to exempt military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and people whose bankruptcy is necessary as a result of financial identity theft. No go — those folks are shi* out of luck — welcome home veterans!

This bill is relentlessly evil. Anyone have a link to which Dems voted for it? Those names need to be listed.

I want to pull their fingernails out one by one with dirty pliers while playing Celine Dion in the background for their listening pleasure.

Shakes Sis unloads on the evildoers quite nicely.

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