…and then suddenly, my dumb-dar went off

Obscure lesser Power Line inhabitant, Deacon Paul, is tired of the two other nom de homo guys getting all the bad press, so he worked and worked and worked to say something profoundly wrong and stupid, and darned if all that hard work didn’t pay off:

Hinton warns that our government’s prosecution of the war on terror is causing us to become like the Khmer Rouge, the criminals who ran Cambodia at one time. Their rule saw the mass extermination of ordinary Cambodians in the name of a crazed Communist ideology. So Hinton must have evidence that the Bush administration has killed Americans pursuant to the war on terror, right? Of course not. Nor does he present evidence that we have intentionally killed foreign terrorists in our custody — you know, the folks who actually are trying to exterminate Americans. Hinton does point to abuses at places like Abu Graib. But it’s obscene to compare the disgusting but non-lethal tactics of the rogue guards at that prison to genocide. For the most part, the reported tactics did not even involve the infliction of physical pain. (my emphasis)

Hunh? Wah?

Reuters has reported that on Tuesday, May 5, 2004 , a U.S. Army official requesting anonymity revealed that the U.S. military has investigated the deaths of 25 prisoners in the custody of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan , with two of the incidents already being deemed murders. One murder reportedly was carried out by a U.S. Army soldier and the other by a CIA contractor.

And there certainly wasn’t any pain involved at Abu Ghraib.

To the Deke, the Rocket, and the Trunk, these pictures just remind them of their fratboy days at Dartmouth, and “remember that time we shoved pimentoes up the asses of the those pledges? That was cool….”

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