Memed beyond recognition

Ted over at Crooked Timber has lateraled to me the book meme (where it started…no one knows) and I’m going to oblige, even though I REALLY hate the word meme (along with paradigm and copacetic). But enough about my quirks….

You’re stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

That would be One Hundred Years of Solitude by Garcia Marquez. I haven’t read them all (no duh) but I think it’s the greatest novel ever written, and besides, the people of Fahrenheit 451 would pass on their book to another verbally, and One Hundred Years is a great read aloud book.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

I used to have a crush on Tess d’Urberville but then one day I realized that it was actually a crush on Nastassja Kinski which is close enough for me.

What are you currently reading?

All Soul’s Rising by Madison Smartt Bell, to be followed by its sequels, Master of the Crossroads and The Stone That the Builder Refused. I’m also reading Pattern Recognition in spurts, but I’m not liking it too much. Gibson leaves me cold, but then, I think that’s his point.

The last book you bought is:

The Great Fire for my wife.
The World According to Garp for my daughter.
War Is A Force That gives Us Meaning for me.

The last book you read:

Bangkok 8. Not Recommended.

Five books you would take to a deserted island:

This is the good stuff. The books that will give you some insight into my soul and allow you to either sneer condescendingly or sneer in appreciation. Isn’t that what this is all about? Okay, here goes (and, no, I didn’t figure on any survival books or “how to skin and fillet a weasel” books):

For Keeps. 30 Years at the Movies by Pauline Kael. Sure, it’s not very practical, but a Kael review or essay is like a perfect short story to me.

Lord of the Flies
. Sure, you say it’s a deserted island. But what if you’re wrong. I want to know what is going to happen next.

Annals of the Former World by John McPhee. I might as well learn something since I’ll have so much time on my hands when I’m not survivin’.

Main Street/Babbit by Sinclair Lewis. I want to remember America just the way it is.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. If you’re trapped on a deserted island, a little boy who has an ongoing relationship with a stuffed tiger may seem like the height of sanity. And besides…Calvin and Hobbes strips never get old.

…and now I pass the torch on to Jim at Rittenhouse, Steve at SteveAudio, and Amy at Rubbernun.

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