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One is a terrorist, the other is not?

Left: you know this dude already. Right: U.S. Marshals escort Eric Robert Rudolph (rear) from the Jefferson County Jail to the Federal Court House in Birmingham, Alabama, April 13, 2005. Former U.S. fugitive and accused serial bomber Rudolph pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the 1998 bombing of an Alabama abortion clinic that killed a police officer and maimed a nurse. (Butch Dill/Reuters)

John at Big Brass Blog notices that Eric Robert Rudolph’s crimes certainly qualify him as a terrorist. But he’s getting seriously kid gloves treatment in the media. Reuters refers to Rudolph as “Former U.S. fugitive and accused serial bomber” and a “38-year-old survivalist and suspected white supremacist.” John:

Does anyone really think that Reuters would have hesitated to use the word “terrorist” if we were talking about Ali bin Rudolph, the bus bomber? If you don’t think so, I’ve got this bridge…

P.S. Suspected white supremacist? He was a member of Christian Identity for godssake! What do followers of Christian Identity believe?

From the site:

The Christian Identity movement is a movement of many extremely conservative Christian churches and religious organizations, extreme right wing political groups and survival groups.

Well, now. Calling him a terrorist would anger Chimpy’s voter base (aside from his other base, the fatcat contributors).

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