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Kansas Politician Announces He's Gay

Mike Rundle decided to come out because of the state’s marriage amendment.

Well, the closet doors continue to open. This is what it takes to change hearts and minds.

The Mayor of Lawrence, Kansas, Mike Rundle, has come out. (365gay):

“It is with dignity and pride that I acknowledge that I have been Lawrence mayor and in all likelihood, Lawrence’s first gay mayor,” Rundle said.

His voice crackling with emotion, Rundle said that he didn’t come out earlier because he wanted to keep the political focus on his work as mayor and avoid triggering what he called a barrier of prejudice that might detract from that.

He told his fellow city commissioners that he decided to go public now because of the constitutional amendment passed by Kansas voters this month to ban same-sex marriage.

And, while we’re talking about Kansas, please read the open letter to the citizens of Atwood by a citizen that opposed the hate amendment. (via Ms. Julien at Big Brass Blog).

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