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Courage under fire in Minnesota

Minnesota State Senator Republican Paul Koering came out in response to the homo-bigot activity of fellow Senator Michele “bush-beater” Bachmann.

I haven’t had time to post much today (that old day job again!), but I wanted to get this up.

Mike Rogers at BlogActive and RawStoryQ deserves more than a pat on the back. He has done incredible legwork on the story of Minnesota State Senator Republican Paul Koering’s coming out today — and in an unfortunate turn of events, the embargo was broken on Mike’s story. Support his work.

Koering’s coming out — and voting against Minnesota’s proposed marriage amendment — is courageous in that he also strongly backs the work of BlogActive in outing gay hypocrites working against civil rights of gays and lesbians. Queer-obsessed colleague Michele Bachmann has done everything possible to legislate against gay people, and has made an ass out of herself of late (see above pic and yesterday’s Blend post).

This story also calls attention to the gawdawful Human Rights Campaign (“HRC continues to maintain a policy that politicians who maintain gay private lives should not forced out of the closet based on their public positions on gay issues”) and Log Cabin Repugs (“We oppose outing, period.”).

We can’t look to these organizations to really fight the fight (well, anyone that thinks the LCRs are effective at anything are smoking something). These organizations are too concerned about mainstreaming that they are selling gay folks out. Period.

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