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Homo-bigot Minnesota State Senator Michele Bachmann has a screw loose

[This is via Matt at Paradise Is Where I Am, Eleventh Avenue South and Lloydletta at aptly-named Dump Michele Bachmann.]

The blogging locals are ragging on the completely unhinged behavior of the Minnesota State Senator. As the DMB misson statement says:

Michele Bachmann is Minnesota’s Answer to Colorado’s Marilyn Musgrave. She is obsessed with gays at the expense of representing her district. This blog is here to chronicle why Sen Michele Bachmann needs to be retired from the legislature – and stopped from any future political career.”

Well we have the proof now…She was caught on film watching queer folks at OutFront Minnesota’s 2005 JustFair Lobby Day. From EAS:

Today Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann thought it would be fun to circumvent the Senate Committee process and force a floor vote of the amendment to end domestic partnerships, and ban civil unions and same-sex marriage while we were outside rallying for our rights. Even Senate Republicans thought it was in poor taste to try to go around Senate rules on the same day GLBT citizens were making their voice heard. Her move was overwhelmingly defeated:

“The state Senate on Thursday rejected an effort to force a floor vote on a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage as thousands of ban opponents rallied outside the Capitol. Sen. Michele Bachmann, the Stillwater Republican who’s led the push for the ban, said Senate Democrats have denied her repeated efforts to get the bill heard. Senate leaders countered that Bachmann, a candidate for the U.S. House, is flouting Senate rules to advance her own political career. At the same time, about 2,500 gays, lesbians and their supporters attended a rally on the Capitol grounds just a few hundred yards away, organized by OutFront Minnesota.” [Star Tribune]

Bachmann crouched behind a bush, watching the homos; you’d think she was watching some dirty peep show. This is truly demented. See more photos in the sequence here. Here’s Matt’s description:

I was walking into the capitol building to get an elevated view of the rally for a pic when I was approached by a capitol staff person and asked “wanna really piss someone off?” I was directed to search the bushes at the far end of the rally where I was told none other than Senator Bachmann, chief advocate of the anti-gay amendment, was watching the rally.

I love Bachmann’s response to being busted: “I had high heels on and I just couldn’t stand anymore,” Bachmann said. “I was not in the bushes.”

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