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U.S. Criticizes Cuba On Human Rights

The United States has filed a new resolution at the U.N. Human Rights Commission criticizing Cuba’s record on abuses and requested that the world body keep the communist country’s record under observation, officials said Tuesday.

Keeping up its pressure on Cuba, the United States proposed the renewal of top U.N. investigator Christine Chanet’s mandate to report to the commission on the human rights situation there. The commission, often led by Washington, regularly criticizes Cuba.

In her report to the commission on abuses in Cuba, which Chanet presented last month, she noted the government’s release of 18 political prisoners last year was a positive step, but did “not signify the end of the repression” because other political detainees were still jailed.

Chanet urged Cuba to improve its treatment of political prisoners, who often receive poor food, hygiene and medical treatment. She also said Cuba should stop penalizing journalists, academics and activists for acts of free expression.

John Bolton is going to feel right at home…

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