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Gay marriage under fire in Canada

Conservative Stephen Harper wants to kill a second reading of the gay civil marriage bill known as C-38. That vote is tomorrow.

The Right Wing fervor has been relentless in the Great White North, as a vote on same-sex marriage nears.

Articles to get you up to date:
* Harper links sponsorship scandal to same-sex marriage bill. Conservative leader (and wingnut by Canadian standards) Stephen Harper is hell-bent on defeating Bill C-38, federal legislation that would officially extend civil marriage to same-sex couples. The government drafted the bill after courts in several provinces ruled that excluding gay couples from marriage violated equality guarantees in the Charter of Rights. He wants to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Tomorrow there will be a vote on Bill C-38 that could kill it.

* Faith-based same-sex rallies attract hundreds. On the bright side, hundreds of same-sex supporters turned up at a rally yesterday that saw Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religious leaders united in support of gay marriages.

* Equal Marriage Vote Only a Week Away. This is a link to a website that supports equal marriage rights for GLBT people in Canada. Petitions are available as well as a place where people can e-mail Members of Parliament or give donations.

Thanks to House Blender Cat for the pointers.

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