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Look who's on the Time 100 list

“Warriors and peacemakers, dictators and democrats, terrorists and holy men—these are the men and women with the clout and power to change our world.”

Check out this list, feel free to comment….

George Bush
Condoleezza Rice
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
Bill Frist
Donald Rumsfeld
Mark Malloch Brown
Gordon Brown
Ali Husaini Sistani
Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi
Hu Jintao
Kim Jong Il
Manmohan Singh
Thabo Mbeki
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Mahmoud Abbas
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Ariel Sharon
Javier Solana
John Howard
Chen Shui-bian
Hugo Chavez

Oh, and in the Scientists and Thinkers? Karl Rove. Time had James Carville write the profile…

A Brilliant (Ouch!) Political Strategist
Sometimes the truth hurts, and it pains me to say this, but Karl Rove is the pre-eminent political strategist in the U.S. today. Last August I went on the record as saying that if Rove managed to help George W. Bush win a second term in office, it would constitute the signature political achievement of my lifetime. Well, he did. And it is.

Every political consultant has an abiding insecurity, and it’s not about losing. It’s about not knowing whether a winning candidate would have won without them. The question I asked myself after every winning campaign: “Was my guy just gonna win it anyway?” Bush winning the presidency in 2004 was not one that he was just going to win anyway, and that is why I have to tip my hat to Rove.

Rove mobilized the base. And he formulated a message that avoided the fact that his candidate had positions and a record that the majority of the American people disagreed with. He made the last election one not about policies or positions or even about values or national security— he made it about decisiveness. Who else ever won the presidency on a message that basically says, “You may not like what I stand for, but I stand for something.” President Bush won not because he was a better candidate but because he had a better campaign. If Rove wanted to switch parties, I’d take him up on it in a second.

He’s on the money. The demon that is Karl Rove knows how to target and land his prey — the average sheeple. The Dems just haven’t figured out how to match him, in strategy or ruthlessness. They are too busy trying to ride on the high horse, failing to admit that the lowest common denominator in politics has evolved into the mainstream, and it’s killing them.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding