Words on the banned list

According to Josh Marshall, Rick Santorum (R-Gilead) didn’t entirely poop on Tom Delay’s parade:

…Rick Santorum’s comments on the Stephanopoulos show weren’t quite as harsh in their totality as they read in the headlines.

The whole quote was …

“I think he has to come forward and lay out what he did and why he did it and let the people then judge for themselves. But from everything I’ve heard, again, from the comments and responding to those, is everything he’s done was according to the law. Now you may not like some of the things he’s done. That’s for the people of his district to decide, whether they want to approve that kind of behavior or not. But as far as the focus on him, I think clearly, when you have a leader of Tom DeLay’s passion and Tom DeLay’s effectiveness, you have a media that’s very much going after him and tracking him and dogging him and trying to find what they can about him.”

Note to Santorum’s handlers: you may want to ixnay terms like “dogging”. Also “barking up the wrong tree”, “hounded from office”, and “sniffing the President’s butt”.

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