Somebody didn’t get the memo..about the memo.

Debra Saunders. She’s not exactly up on current events:

You remember the alleged GOP memo that talked up how the Schiavo story was “a great political issue” that would hurts the Dems and help the GOP with its “pro-life base.” ABC’s Web site dubbed it the “GOP Talking Points on Terri Schiavo.”

It turns out, as The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz reported, “no one seems to know who wrote it.” The Post’s Mike Allen explained that the Post merely reported that the memo was “distributed to Republican senators,” but he believed the document to be “authentic” and “used to attempt to influence Republican senators.” How convenient that a memo, its authorship unknown, that misspelled Terri Schiavo’s name and that said things only a moron would be dumb enough to put on paper, made it into ABC’s and The Washington Post’s hands.

This is from her 4/8/05 column.

Of course the Republican memo story was laid to rest on the evening of 4/6.

Wait till she finds out that the Pope died….

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