Okay. I can’t top that….

As you may have heard (it was mentioned during the Charles/Camilla coverage on all of the good news networks) I wasn’t able to get to America’s Worst Mother&#153 this week because my computer was attacked by Mozilla (Oh no, there goes tokyo. Go go Mozilla, yeah!…c’mon everybody!) but SZ at World O’Crap filled in and hit a homerun making me the Wally Pip of AWM&#153 coverage. Go read it here, he said attempting to sound like a certain law professor from Tennessee.

Special bonus points go out to WOC reader Janice who pointed out:

Isn’t it “smegma”? Of course, I wouldn’t know — Jews don’t have to deal with it. That’s what makes us the Chosen People.

You know, you just don’t get important information like that over at Power Line. Make sure to remember Janice’s exact words and repeat them in a VERY LOUD VOICE next month at Mothers Day brunch. Hilarious hijinks should ensue…

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