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"Jeff Gannon" makes an ass out of himself on CSPAN2

He’s on CSPAN2 right now (10:45) on the National Press Club panel on Blogging and Journalism and Matthew Yglesias is kicking his ass all over the place. Another said that Gannon’s work product was “poor” lolololol.

Guess it depends on what you mean by “work product.” Fans of Bulldog might disagree.

JG/JG just claimed, for instance, that Fox News is not conservative. The audience burst into laughter.

John at Americablog is live blogging.

UPDATE (2PM): Editor and Publisher has a good write-up on the event. The other unbelievable statement Gannon made was that Armstrong Williams should have been paid by the White House to shill No Child Left Behind so the policy “could get a fair hearing.” Thankfully, Wonkette let him have it.

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