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The Right's bare behind exposed on the Schiavo "fake" talking points memo

Poor Mel Martinez. His chief legal counsel, Brian Darling, fell on the sword for him.

Hahahaha. I don’t expect any apologies will be forthcoming from right-wing blog Powerline, Howard Kurtz, Laura Ingraham, Oxy-Rush or any of the other losers that were trying to spin the “fake Schiavo talking points memo” story, now that Mel Martinez has given the boot to the author of the very real memo.

It’s poetic justice to see their hairy Rethug bottoms exposed for the proverbial spanking. (BTW, the Freepi are wringing their hands). Actually, it makes me want to really spank them all personally. Hard. Then rest and do it again, for that extra touch of sadistic delight. MWHAHAHAHA.

Lots of coverage of this is all around the web, so I’ll just point you to some good fun (since I’m slaving away at work).

— “Read it and weep. THE memo. The REAL memo;”
— “I love when conservative bloggers make asses of themselves

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* Shakespeare’s Sister, “Memo to Conservative Bloggers: Better Luck Next Time

* DKos: “Egg on his Face: Kurtz Burned by Powerline

* Freeperland (sample: “Ah…The Stupid Party strikes again. How many ways can GOP Senators implode so that we end up with a bunch more leftist judges appointed to the bench?”)

One more thing just to rub more salt in the wound, you may remember that Mel Martinez is the same bastard that ran an extremely homophobic campaign to get elected last year. He ran radio ads that compared life in a country with same-sex marriage to life under Castro, and most offensively, the public homo-hater employed two gay advisers for his campaigns (those guys have to be head cases), John Dowless and Kirk Fordham.

Openly gay Fordham was employed as Martinez’s finance director. Dowless, a former executive director of the Christian Coalition of Florida was hired to help the Martinez campaign reach out to conservative Christians, even as he cruised gay bars.

As John at AMERICABlog pointed out at the time,

Martinez is running against Rep. Bill McCollum in the upcoming Republican primary. …Martinez’ campaign blasted McCollum in a press teleconference set up to – get this – show that McCollum is anti-family because he’s too pro-gay. During the conference call, Martinez’ representatives spoke of their disdain for the “gay agenda,” and when the reporters asked a question about gays working for Martinez’ campaign – bit of hypocrisy there, Mr. Martinez? – the Martinez reps turned around and said McCollum has a gay political consultant! Martinez’ reps actually used the fact that McCollum allegedly has a gay campaign staffer to smear McCollum. This even though Martinez has an openly gay finance chair, and has used another gay political consultant in the past (who ironically was head of the Florida Christian Coalition).

UPDATE: Mike Rogers over at BlogActive really smacks down Martinez, Florida politics and gay hypocrisy with his post, “Mel Martinez and his dirty tricks history“.

All of this reminds me of a letter I wrote last year to Mel’s then-campaign finance director, Kirk Fordham. Kirk is an out gay man who, for one reason or another, decided to cast his political fortunes with some of the nation’s most well known homophobes. His resume reads like a Who’s Who in American Hate with such entries as Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and Martinez. Before the right wing extremists took control of their party, men like Representative Mark Foley (R-FL) and Kirk Fordham claimed they were working from within the system to improve it. Of course, we know those days are over. One need not look any further than Foley’s recent vote to strip gay and lesbian job protections enacted by localities to realize just how kept in his place he is. My cat Abby has more balls than Mark Foley, see:

Some of the very same people who supported Mel Martinez’s run for the Senate were filled with glee when Mark Foley’s run for the same seat was derailed. In the backrooms (hmmmm) of the GOP there was no way it would be tolerated to let a gay man represent Florida in the US Senate. (There must be two Floridas: Jeb Bush’s version and then the state that is home to Key West, South Beach and the biggest cast closet of queens on the planet, Walt Disney World.

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