Time to pull the plug.

About to flatline…. Posted by Hello

Doctors in Florida continue to monitor the health of BlogsForTerri which seems to be slipping into a Persistant No-One-Gives-A-Shit-Anymore State as the public moves on to the Michael Jackson trial, the Pope’s funeral, and the riveting American Idol conclusion. As you can see from the graph above, BlogsForTerri is in a serious decline and in danger of showing little blog-visit activity at all. Doctors speculate that postings will soon become shorter and less frequent as it becomes more and more apparent that Terri Schiavo is not going to be resurrected. Within weeks, or even a matter of days, BlogsForTerri postings will have dwindled to a occasional link followed by a comment that will sound to some observers as if the blog is trying to say: “Heh. Indeed.”

Following the inevitable tragic end of the blog, funeral services will be held at the Movable Type Home for Abandoned Blogs. There will be a viewing of the formerly vital bandwith in the Google Cache Room. No flowers please.

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