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Where Ya Goin’ With All This, George?

It looks like the GOP is telling Tom DeLay to bend over and grab his ankles. But after dispensing with their unwanted baggage, then what? MandT over at the most excellent Adgita Diaries on the future of the Republican Party:

And perhaps you thought it stood for ‘Grand Old Party’? How about ‘Gassy Oily Patriarchy,’ ‘Greedy Old Predators’, or ‘Gross Omnipotent Pricks’? Little did we realize that a century and a half ago, the the Party of Lincoln meant gas guzzler. It also applies to the economy, whose fuel burning, gas guzzeling, deficit addicted legacy is soon to be bestowed by our GOP in power….

It was Clinton, a Democrat, who overhauled the ‘welfare system’ in America, not the Republicans. The Bushies want to eliminate it completely and let your local Christian Church hand out food, shelter, and hope on condition of conversion. Well, that eliminates several hundred million who don’t want to be Christians. That is a large number of pissed-off, angry Americans.

Economic and social justice is expensive, but mandatory to a healthy society, because it ultimately insures a greater degree of stability. Jesus has nothing to do with it. What do Bush Republicans think is going to happen when the middle and working class start failing at a greater degree; when the credit bubble bursts; when pensions bcome nil; when social security benefits get so reduced that meaningful quality of life gets reduced; when ‘average’ Americans get ill and die without full government intervention as in the Shiavo case; when we lose homes, jobs and hope?

It will come to governmental instability and revolution. America will be no different from any other extended imperial power run by autocrats. It will face rebellion and violent reaction. It’s time for Congress to stand behind the real needs of this American nation and stop the Bush impirium or its members and vested interests will not be able to spend luxurious pensions and extended benefits in neighborhoods safe from reprisal. The heat is on. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Justice.

I often wonder what the GOP vision of the future is. I always come up with some really ugly science fiction dystopia with the poor forced to breathe toxic gasses and selling their organs for food, and then I think it’s time to lay off the Pepsi for a while. But how exactly does the GOP think the future is going to mold itself with no social security, no health care, and no middle class? What kind of a net is going to be there to keep us from falling into that kind of desperately economically stratified world? I always end up thinking that maybe they don’t look that far — that really they can’t see beyond their own self-interest in the moment and their craven lust for power. Which is ugly but not quite as cyincal as I often think they must be if they ever actually stop to consider the consequences of their plans.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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