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AmTaliban is apoplectic – CA domestic partnership law ruled OK

Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for Children and Families: “Judges and politicians who suck all the value out of marriage have trashed the people’s vote and cheapened this sacred institution.” ‘Ex-gay’ conservative Christian activist James Hartline thinks this is a “well-oiled attack” on family values. [Try to stop laughing….]

Crybaby wingnuts…A state appeals court in California has ruled that the new domestic partnership law that grants almost equivalent rights as civil marriage doesn’t conflict with the state’s ban on gay marriage.

Proposition 22, passed in 2000, defined marriage as between a man and a woman, but the three-judge panel today said this didn’t preclude any other civil arrangements for gays and lesbians. This sent the wingnuts over the edge. (Agape Press):

It is because of rulings like this, says Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for Children and Families, that “fed-up California voters” have no choice but to rise up and protect marriage from the “clutches of the bureaucracy.” The only way to do that, he says, is through an amendment to the state constitution.

“The people’s will to protect marriage rights for a man and a woman must now override the judges and politicians,” the Sacramento-based family activist stated at a news conference. “If the bureaucracy will empty marriage of all its value, the people must override the bureaucracy and protect marriage rights.”

Thomasson describes the domestic partners law — proposed and passed by Democratic lawmakers — as “gay marriage by another name,” and accuses liberals of continuing their assault on the institution of marriage and on the states’ voters.

“Judges and politicians who suck all the value out of marriage have trashed the people’s vote and cheapened this sacred institution,” the CCF president said. And he contends that back in March 2000, voters clearly understood that Prop. 22 dealt specifically with legal rights of marriage for a married man and woman.

San Diego activist James Hartline loudly echoes Thomasson’s call for concerned voters to respond succinctly — and quickly — to Monday’s ruling, which he calls a “slap in the face” of those who supported and voted for Proposition 22. Hartline accuses the courts and homosexual activists of a coordinated assault on traditional values.

“Activist judges, in partnership with the communist-like homosexual agenda, seek to create chaos in California’s social fabric,” Hartline says in a press statement. And those pushing the homosexual agenda, he says, “are coordinating a well-oiled attack against traditional family values” in California.

The former homosexual, who is now a Christian, encourages fellow believers to band together and vote out elected officials who promote “anti-Christian values.” He maintains that once righteous leaders are in office, they would then appoint judges with similar values who will then “uphold the will of the people” — including that marriage is between a man and a woman.

BTW, the status of “former homo” is highly questionable; the ex-gay movement is a joke and a danger. Read more here: “Ex-Gay” and in absolute denial

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