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Wingnut: Homos are taking over DC's power center

Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute: “Homosexuals are drawn to Washington [because] it’s a power center.”

I don’t know where to start with this. It’s too hysterically funny. I really cannot stop laughing….John A. and Mike R., you’re giving Bob Knight a wedgie by simply living in DC and wielding your power. (AgapePress):

The influence of homosexuals in the nation’s capital is growing as more advocates of that lifestyle have relocated within the District of Columbia. The Washington Post recently ran a three-page article on the growing influence of homosexuals in Washington, DC — and in particular, the rise of homosexual police officers. Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute says he is well aware of the huge effect being exerted by the homosexual population of DC. “I myself have talked to people who have been in the ‘gay lifestyle’ and in Washington and have since left it — and they said that it’s a lot bigger than people realize,” Knight says. “Homosexuals are drawn to Washington [because] it’s a power center and it’s also a large urban center where there are lots of bars and clubs. But I think the influence they wield is way out of proportion to their numbers.” He explains that the number of homosexuals in DC law enforcement has grown in recent years. “They have four full-time officers, they have eight auxiliary officers, and they’ve even got a transgender officer — a retired U.S. Capitol Police sergeant,” he says. According to the Post, that element of the force is specially trained to deal with the violence that permeates the homosexual lifestyle. In addition, says Knight, homosexuals dominant the hospitality industry in Washington and are in position to keep tabs on the sexual liaisons of many members of Congress. He explains that that can provide information that is very valuable in getting an agenda through Congress.

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