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More sickness in Freeperland over Indiana Planned Parenthood fires

A Planned Parenthood office was vandalized in Bloomington, IN, experiencing the second fire in two weeks.

The latest incident involved a broken window, smoke and a smoldering object discovered in the office by an employee arriving for work. The FBI and police are investigating for the use of accelerants. I took a little visit over to land of the demented Freepi. The reaction was typical.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Until they find a “perp”, I’ll just assume that these immoral dirtbags started the fire themselves. The Pro-Death side is utterly desperate to make the other side look bad and are not in the least above staging phony “attacks” to achieve their aims.”

“Isn’t it startling how fast the FBI is on the scene when something happens to a Planned Parenthood facility? Too bad their reaction is so slow when actually confronting terrorism.”

“Just another Planned Parenthood “planned fire” to stir up the donor list. This is one of the reasons these guys can’t get fire insurance ~ they keep setting them inside their offices. ATF has a guy who specializes in investigating these particular kinds of fires.”

“Look, they are there to get fingerprints before turning the site over to ATF. Eventually they’ll figure out it’s not a disgruntled white male with a scientific laboratory but instead is a lumbering bull-dyke lesbian with a box of matches!”

“That is the first thing that popped into my mind. There seems to be a very high number of cases of vandalism that are self inflicted.”

“Some kind of mysterious “lightning” maybe?”

“I wonder who they have to do PR for them?? Whomever it is, must have spent a few minutes planning this..”

“Ah yes, the Reichstag Fire technique. Possible. Quite possible.”

“Sounds like fund drive flame fanning (pun intended).”

In other Indiana Planned Parenthood news, the state’s Attorney General, Steve Carter, is taking a page from Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline’s handbook, trying to destroy the privacy rights of its clients by seizing records. Planned Parenthood is suing the state.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana contends that the state investigators have not provided an explanation for the “sweeping scope” of the request for medical records. “This is a clear-cut case of abuse of power. Instead of protecting medical privacy rights, the attorney general is selling them out to his fishing expedition,” Planned Parenthood of Indiana CEO Betty Cockrum said. “We take our patients’ privacy very seriously.”

Because federal health privacy laws do not apply to investigations of Medicaid fraud or abuse, Planned Parenthood risks losing Medicaid funding if they do not turn over the records of their patients, the Indianapolis Star reports.

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