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Celebrity deathwatch, minor league/film fashion Sunday edition

Guess it sucks to be gravely ill when you’re competing against Terri Schiavo’s whack-job family and JPII kicking off. Poor Prince Rainier of Monaco. He’s a head of state, but he barely rates a headline as he’s been at death’s door for two weeks now. He’s so bad off that Prince Albert’s taken the reins, a sure sign his pop will be meeting Grace Kelly in the great beyond soon. (Reuters):

On Friday, Rainier’s doctors described the 81-year-old monarch’s state of health as “precarious”. Rainier’s son, Albert, 47, has assumed the his sick father’s duties as monarch of the tiny state on the Mediterranean coast.

Rainier, the widower of Hollywood film star Grace Kelly who died in a car crash in 1982, is in intensive care suffering from lung, heart and kidney problems.

He has reigned in Europe’s last constitutional autocracy since 1949 and led Monaco — a 2.5 sq km (1 sq mile) territory tucked between the French town of Nice and the Italian border — into an age of skyscrapers, international banking and business.


Film Fashion Sunday…

Speaking of Princess Grace, she wasn’t a great thespian, but she was most certainly stunning. She was in one of my all-time favorite films, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954).

Grace played the character Lisa Fremont. All of her gowns/outfits were by the famous Hollywood designer Edith Head, and each one is perfect in the context of the story and the character. In the first scenes of Miss Kelly, she wears a gorgeous black and white gown. She tells Jimmy Stewart that the dress is “a steal at $1,200.00.”

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