Give it up for the Pope

The Corner’s Peter Robinson admits that the Pope gave him and his wife the courage to be natalists:

In our home, last night we said a rosary in honor of the pope, with our littlest, still only three, mouthing the words as best she could. Absent the inspiration we drew from John Paul II, I found myself wondering, would my wife and I had the courage to produce what is, by contemporary standards (and by the standards with which I was raised), a big family?

The children may have been puzzled about the tears in their father’s eyes, but as we asked Our Lady to welcome Karol Wojtyla to heaven, I realized that in some sense I owe him their very existence.

Since birth control isn’t an option for members of the TRUE FAITH, we imagine there was was plenty of begging and whining, leading up to the inevitable: “C’mon. Do it for the Pope”.

Personally I find it to be a touching story…

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