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Will oil top $100 a barrel? Check out Big Brass Blog

With the gas prices skyrocketing, I hope you fossil-fuel burning drivers out there are Costco members (Buy Blue rating 99%). You’ll save 7-10 cents a gallon. It was $2.06 in Durham last time I filled up.

Kate managed to find $1.99/gallon at a Sheetz station in Raleigh, then promptly spent her savings per gallon on a frozen cappuccino in the gas station’s gourmet coffee bar. We had a good laugh about that, but it’s a great marketing ploy on the gas station’s part — get them in for the cheap gas, then into the store for the overpriced high-end coffee, yuppie sandwiches and the like.

Make your way over to Big Brass Blog today; my colleagues Dark Wraith of The Dark Wraith Forums and John of Blogenlust are discussing the possibility that oil could top $100 a barrel. Here’s part of that discussion. Dark Wraith:

…I have seen some articles in the past couple of days warning of a “super-spike” in oil prices. From my vantage point, the prospect of this is difficult to assess because oil prices are going to rise, and there will be hard-up jumps during this process. What constitutes a “spike” is open to interpretation; but oil could very well reach the $90 per barrel range late in the Spring or in the Summer, with only a smattering of forces stopping it, although some market forces will tend to temper the upside of it.

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Pam Spaulding