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Wingnuts coming unglued over Philly's celebration of gay rights movement

American Family Association’s Diane Gramley has homo castration on her mind — because the Founding Fathers said so. She wants PA Gov. Ed Rendell to pay for endorsing the historical marker to be unveiled.

There’s some serious foaming at the mouth going on in Pennsylvania over the huge celebration, Equality Forum 2005, which will commemorate 40 years of the gay rights movement on May 1. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) has approved a historical marker recognizing the area around Independence Hall as the site of the first organized and annual gay and lesbian civil rights demonstration, and this has pushed the folks at the American Family Association of Pennsylvania over the edge.

AFA of PA has sent faxes to Governor Rendell and Wayne Spilove, chairman of PHMC blasting the Commission’s decision last week and asking that the decision be reversed. Governor Rendell is expected to unveil the historical marker on May 1st.

Homosexual activists continue their attempt to rewrite history. This decision is a slap in the faces of our Founding Fathers. They met and debated the suppression by the English monarchy in this building. Finally “with a firm reliance on Divine Providence, (we) mutually pledging to each other (our) lives, (our) fortunes, and (our) sacred honor” they signed the Declaration of Independence. This historical marker is an affront to our Founding Fathers sacred honor and the sacrifices they made,” Diane Gramley president of the AFA of PA said today.

In announcing the decision, Spilove spoke of events which advanced ‘civil rights’ in America. Apparently he is confused, as the debate on homosexuality has nothing to do with civil rights, but rather forcing the acceptance of abhorrent sexual behavior on all America.

They go on to justify their homo-bashing by referring to the laws of the past; perhaps slavery was OK as well as the fact women could vote? What kind of dumb*ss argument is this?

There is no doubt where our Founding Fathers stood on the issue of homosexual acts. Laws in the Thirteen Colonies concerning those engaging in such abhorrent behavior ranged from confiscation of property and jail time to hanging. Thomas Jefferson authored a Virginia bill that required ‘removal of the offending member’ — castration.

Enough of those losers. Here’s a sampling of what’s on tap for the big bash, which really kicks off on April 25.

National Celebration on Sunday, May 1, at Independence Hall. Over 16 hours of events, including performances by Cyndi Lauper and Kate Clinton.

Tribute to 40 Heroes and the Gay Pioneers who have made a difference in the past 40 years.

International Business Colloquium honoring Jean Chretien and IBM.

Concerts, films and 12 parties, including Liberation and the Real World Philadelphia party.

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