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Practice What You Preach's ad targets TX hypocrites

In Texas there is a movement to hold elected officials responsible for the state of marriage — not gay marriage, of course, since it’s banned in the Lone Star State. No, Practice What You Preach plans to hold the Texas legislature’s feet to the fire.

…the institution of marriage is under assault in Texas from the twin epidemics of divorce and domestic violence. We are not a gay-rights group. We are mainstream, straight Texans who want the legislative leadership to stop making cheap political points by ignoring real problems.

Clearly, Texans do not take marriage seriously enough. Face the facts:

* Texas has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, a whopping 71 percent higher than Massachusetts,’ and children suffer more than anyone from the divorce epidemic. A study by the conservative Heritage Foundation found that children of divorce “exhibit more health, behavioral, and emotional problems [and] are involved more frequently in crime and drug abuse…” In school, these kids “perform more poorly… They also … have higher drop-out rates and lower rates of college graduation.”
* There are 900,000 victims of domestic violence in Texas every year, prompting the Texas Council on Family Violence to conclude, “Domestic violence is an epidemic in Texas.”

It is a hypocritical charade to say that HJR 6, a constitution amendment to ban same-sex marriages already illegal under state law, would do anything to help marriage. The Texas legislature needs to practice what it preaches and focus on the real threats to marriage.

View the new ad, “Tool,” on its web site, that the group plans to air.

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