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Freepers comment on the Jerusalem WorldPride festival

As someone mentioned yesterday, ‘is this the cast from the new Star Wars flick?’

Morning comic relief, and it’s no April Fool’s joke, either. Yesterday I posted on the incredible hypocrisy of the leaders of three faiths uniting in their homophobia, going apesh*t over the gay festival scheduled to take place in Jerusalem. You knew the Freepers were going to have something to say about this. Incredibly predictable…and entertaining. The bile from the juvenile flows…

Actual Freeper Quotes�

“The perverts have New York and San Francisco, but they’re not happy with that. They want to sodomize the Holy City.”

“I swear, where’s this Muslim jihad when you need.”

“I have always been a tolerant person, but when anyone tries to shove their agenda down my throat and into our schools, my tolerance ends. It is hard to live in the world today without being angry all the time.”

“They’re attempting to force their abominations on the Godly in Jerusalem, and desecrate that which is holy. They want to defile the land of Christ. The unholy are raging because they know they have but little time.

[You knew I had to do it. Geez, these people are s-t-u-p-i-d.]
In Sodom, they also tried to break down Lott’s door, only to be blinded by the angels. Once Lott and his righteous family were removed, God himself destroyed the abominations.”

“Who’s tolerance? Their’s? Our’s? Not being pc I have no fear in saying the following. The homos want US to tolerate THEM. They don’t want to tolerate us. Why not? Tolerance, like respect, is earned, not given by force. And that’s what they are doing, forcing US to tolerate them ans their aberrant lifestyle. Personally, I will never accept that lifestyle and will never be forced to tolerate them. I feel certain I’m not alone with these sentiments. One other thing. Why are they doing this in The Holy City? For no other reason than to shove it down our throats in the one place that is sacrosanct to Christains. They need to leave it alone.”

“Omg. Imagine the slimy mess that’ll be left behind after an orgy like that!! Ewwwwwwwww!”

“Correction: ‘The pervert festival is expected to draw thousands of perverted visitors from dozens of countries. The theme is “Perversion Without Consequences'”

“What does a public display of lewdness and a 10-day orgy of perversion have to do with “tolerance” and “diversity”? Oh yeah, it’s for the queer nazis to show that they have no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.”

“I’ll always reject the homo-sexers. The fact that homo-sexers are being more and more widely accepted as a legitimate part of society, doesn’t have the least bearing on whether or not their practice is right or wrong. It’s wrong, it always has been and it always will be. Whatever is the most insulting and disrespectful, that’s what they do. They flippantly flaunt their perversion and I’ve always been astonished that the rest of society puts up with it.”

“But the priest on Hannity was talking about just that. He said he didn’t think we get ANGRY often enough. Did anyone else hear him say that?”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding