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CNN has lost all sense of purpose with this Pope Deathwatch coverage

Descriptions of my organ functions are off-limits, Dr. Gupta.

After beating up on the guy a week or so ago, Atrios came up with a little gut-buster today, so props to him. I was thinking the same damn thing this afternoon as seemingly endless Pope Deathwatch coverage blathered on.:

…my living will now includes the request that, when I’m on my deathbed, Sanjay Gupta will not be informing the American public exactly which of my bodily fluids are flowing where…

CNN’s coverage has been atrocious, fawning faux journalism. Wolf Blitzer was breathlessly and inappropriately failing to question the latest Vatican Press ReleaseTM that touted the Pope was conscious, serene, and “visually participating” in the day’s Mass. Just moments before, the photogenic Dr. Sanjay was doing a sentence-by-sentence “medical interpretation” of the litany of ailments that would discount the Pope had the ability to participate in anything – high fever, organ failures, septic shock and non-existent blood pressure. Sh*t, I had the flu a couple of weeks ago, and the 103-degree fever alone made me want to retreat into a freaking hole. What the f*ck ever. Let’s go to the play-by-play of insanity.

DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN SR. MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Significant changes in his blood pressure. In the medical world we call that hemodynamic instability. It’s just everything is unstable, really, right now it sounds like, Wolf; specifically in relationship to this infection that Christiane was just describing.

The body reacts in a very predictable way. The blood pressure falls dramatically. And as a result of that low blood pressure, several organs in the body just don’t get enough blood anymore, including the kidneys, the liver, for example, the heart itself, and the brain. And all these organs after some time without adequate blood flow start to fail.

And that’s probably what he is going through right now. But the way it manifests itself, shallow breathing, some people describe it as labored breathing, lethargy because of the poor blood flow to the brain, and the accumulation of some toxins in the blood, because the kidneys can no longer filter them that well — Wolf.

This nonsense reminds me of the French and Saunders skits called “The Expert” that spoofs a talk show where French’s character is called upon by Saunders’s host character for wisdom.

“Our expert this morning is, Dawn French. Dawn welcome.” Let’s just say that Dawn is an expert on many, many things. Celebrities, the Royal Family, the financial market and even Space (Outer-Space and hanging space). The only thing our expert has a problem with is staying seated on the sofa after her segment!

OMFG. CNN is out of control. Kate and I are sitting here now (around 9PM) with CNN on in the background as I am typing this and Larry King just came on to say he’s going to have Jim Caviezel on tonight. Of course, he just played Jesus for Mel Gibson, so I guess that would place him fewer degrees of separation from the Pope and thus a relevant guest.

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