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Cry-Baby AmTaliban feels like it's "in the closet"

A flaming cowpile of crap — Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute: “It is time for Christians like Pinney to “get out of the closet” and get involved in politics and government.” Have I missed something — who’s in charge these days?

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the AmTaliban when they drop a 300-foot-high pile of flaming crap like this? The Illinois Family Institute feels the Anti-Defamation League is intimidating a Christian school board candidate for her homo-hating beliefs, which she says is grounded in her religion. Lesley Pinney is crying that she is being told in a letter to “refrain from political appeals based on religious faith.”

Let me ask you — when was the last time any of these fundamentalists held back on expressing their “Christian values” (or acting upon them, for that matter)? If religious zealots had any more control over our government and culture I’d be walking around in a burqa. After reading this nonsense from the right-wing propaganda organ AgapePress, you’d think pagans, atheists and homos were in charge of everything and that the fundies are being persecuted. :

Pinney, a candidate for the District 214 school board in Arlington Heights, had informed local pastors her decision-making while on the board would be based on her Christian beliefs. In a letter to the pastors, she asked for support as a “Christian engaging the culture.”

Peter LaBarbera with the Illinois Family Institute says it is apparent that homosexuals have come out of the closet — but that they want to push Christians into the closet. “It seems that liberals are afraid of Christians who will run for office as Christians,” LaBarbera says. “It’s ironic that a group that fights discrimination is willing to basically foment discrimination against people of faith. I just found it shocking.”

But LaBarbera sees the ADL’s reaction as consistent with a tactic typically employed by liberal groups. “The liberal strategy these days on social issues is to create sort of ‘front church groups,’ which are basically religious organizations that, in my view, support immoral causes,” he explains. “For example, there’s Catholics for a Free Choice, which is [a] pro-abortion [group] — and they’re not really Catholic of course; they’re promoting abortion. Then there’s the Interfaith Alliance, which supports homosexual special rights.”

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Pam Spaulding

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