Just make sure my mouth is open when you pie me…

Jonah wants it:

ITHACA [Jonah Goldberg]

That story Ramesh posted about Bill Kristol getting smacked with a pie reminds me: I’ll be at Ithaca college on April 6 talking about diversity & stuff.

But then he adds this which should cause America to giggle like a schoolgirl for about a week:

I suppose Bill responded the correct way, but transforming oneself into a helicopter of fists certainly has its appeal as well.

A “helicopter of fists”?

I’m thinking more like a slow-moving mudslide that wheezes.

Here we see Jonah “Fat Fists of Fury” Goldberg with Marty and Byron York and Byron York’s hair which still hasn’t let go of it’s John Cougar fixation.

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