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Tale of the tape – who's making what

Interesting stats, but it’s not sliced enough — it would be useful to see a breakdown of the types of jobs held, and in what industries in order to comment effectively. But here you go… (NYT):

Black and Asian women with bachelor’s degrees earn slightly more than similarly educated white women, and white men with four-year degrees make more than anyone else.

A white woman with a bachelor’s degree typically earned $37,800 in 2003, compared with $43,700 for a college-educated Asian woman and $41,100 for a black woman, according to data to be released Monday by the Census Bureau. Hispanic women took home $37,600 a year.

…A white male with a college diploma earns far more than any similarly educated man or woman – $66,000 a year, the Census Bureau said. Among men with bachelor’s degrees, Asians earned $52,000 a year, Hispanics $49,000 and blacks $45,000.

Workplace discrimination and the continuing difficulties of minorities to get into higher-paying management positions could help explain the disparities among men, experts say. The figures come from the Census Bureau’s annual look at educational achievement in America, culled from a survey in March 2004.

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