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Prices, then and now…

This Walkman cost about $200 in 1980 dollars.

As we watch gas prices soar, it’s interesting to think about what the price of other things are, relative to the “good old days.” For some items, specifically related to technology, prices have fallen significantly.

I remember waaaay back when the first Sony Walkman came out. I was in high school (Stuyvesant, in Manhattan), and a kid came in with one. Of course everyone’s mouths dropped open, because we knew his dad spent a mint on that thing. How cool was this to have a personal stereo that small (now you can get a knockoff of the little guy for $10 in your local drug store).

This, of course, was the era in NYC history where a “personal stereo” was a boom box that weighed 20 lbs or more, and it was carried by b-boys that subjected you to their tastes in urban music on buses and subways — and you better like it, lol.

From the Houston Chronicle

Do you pay more today for essential household items than you did in 1980? Surprisingly, no. The basics such as butter, milk and beef have actually dropped in price when adjusted for inflation. But the price for big ticket items such as automobiles has soared.

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