I did it all for the nookie

Finally we see why Paul Wolfowitz had a woody for invading Iraq. Digby has the details. So maybe it wasn’t all about the oil. Unless it was baby oil and they were using it for…

Oh. Let’s not go there.

Gawd. I can just see them meeting up through a personal’s ad:

Oxford-educated divorced female professional who enjoys long walks on the beach, truffles, reading the Economist, collecting Beanie Babies, and destabilizing large geographic regions, seeks confident professional man capable of influencing powerful governments into launching invasions without provocation. If you can invade the marshy swamplands of Babylon, my marshy swamplands are yours for the taking. Email me at jihadmama@aol.com. No smokers.

(For those keeping score at home, that would be two Limp Bizkit references this week, a new record.)

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