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Tonka's home with us!

Today we went to the foster home in Apex, NC (“the PEAK of living” is their motto, lololol) and picked up Tonka, the Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue dog we’ve adopted. We brought him home around 3:30 and have been getting him acquainted with the other dogs. The foster mom said he’s a definite couch dog, so he’ll fit in here with the rest! He seems to know sit, come and stay, and takes treats very politely from your hand.

He is a BIG boy, 125 lbs, and no flab (Red, who passed away in February, was about 107). Tonka’s extremely gentle and passive, which is great considering his size — he could do a lot of damage. Bailey, our Alpha Lab/Weimeraner mix, took to him right away, since he let her be the boss. Tonka hasn’t quite figured out what exactly the fluff-ball Bichon we call Chloe is.

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