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Knight: Activist Judges Out to Destroy Marriage at All Costs

Seriously, the Right is completely blind of the irony of its attempts to “protect” marriage from gays, even as they ask for judges to make “activist” decisions to negate the power of Terri Schiavo’s marital bond? The PR machine churns on unabated. (AgapePress):

A pro-family advocate with the Culture and Family Institute (CFI) says activist judges consistently turn their backs on the lessons of history in making their decisions. A recent case in point, says Bob Knight, is when two activist judges on opposite coasts negated their respective state’s laws banning same-sex “marriage.” In doing so, he says, those judges ignored tradition and statistical studies.

Knight says that is typical of activist judges. “Liberals have always had anti-family policies, from abortion to promoting pornography and homosexuality,” he says. “It all fits one scheme, which is to say that God’s plan for sex within marriage is no longer applicable — in fact, wherever it is applicable, it produces families that get in the way of our great agenda.”

The CFI director contends that in pushing their own agenda, liberal judges sacrifice everything else. “I’m not surprised to see liberal judges throw out the law, throw out precedence, throw out history, and throw out common sense in trying to put destructive laws on the books or take good laws off in order to destroy marriage,” he states.

Knight says ignoring the vast amount of data available in order to decide an issue leads to “lunatic” decisions. And such judicial decisions, according to many pro-family groups, is the reason why traditional marriage needs to be protected by law.

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