Yeah. But those Sharpies you make posters with? You could put somebody’s eye out with one y’know.

Wanker Emeritus, John “Ridiculous Nickname” Hinderaker:

I can understand how people can view the Terri Schiavo case differently. To me, the right result seems clear, even though the facts are complicated and the legal history is tangled. But I can understand how others can see the case differently, and I can foresee that in other cases, involving people on ventilators and other life-support systems, whose medical condition is not in doubt, I may part company with some who agree with my view of the Schiavo case. What I don’t understand is why this tragic case should be an occasion for the partisan hatred which currently bedevils our public life:

I don’t know how to account for it, unless one concludes that for some liberals, politics is about hate, period.

Whereas, for some Christians, religion is all about Jesus and faith and…a gun

God is a bullet, you know.

…and here’s a cheery type

Somebody broke the cross on my flag. Posted by Hello

Oh yeah, The “legal history is tangled“.

Jesus. Wanker.

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