Can I get a “heh”.


Only a NY Times reporter could be gullible enough to think that a career politician takes a stand without any thought of future advantage and just happens to receive political advantage anyway ’cause that’s kinda how things work out. That a politican becomes “a prime contender” by accident or historical caprice. (It’s opposing the religious right that would be the disadvantageous stance to take in the Rovian Republican Party, which every future Republican candidate damn well knows.)

Adam Nagourney really ought to be writing for Tiger Beat. Because only a groupie with a byline could write of Jeb Bush’s posturing in the Schiavo story, “[The] events of recent days have fed the mystique of Mr Bush as a reluctant inheritor of perhaps America’s most famous dynasty since the Adams family two centuries ago.”

So much for the Kennedys, but more to the point only the most starry-eyed hack could use the word “mystique” about an uninspired lump of political dough like Jeb Bush, and describe him as “a reluctant inheritor,” as if Jeb would really rather be in Taos fulfilling his dream of becoming a watercolorist. You don’t become governor of Florida and rig things to help your brother become president because your soul is Hamlet-torn.

Nagourney’s article is what happens to reporters when their soul is possessed by the ghost of Howard Fineman.

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