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Fox news. You gotta love ’em. They currently have this picture up of Terri Schiavo with her parents, with the following caption:

Terri Schiavo, center, is shown in this undated family photo with her parents, Mary and Bob Schindler.

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that this might, just might, have been taken on her wedding day. Unless, of course, she had a job with the Frilly White Bush Rangers of America.

By the way, Fox is reporting that Jeb! Bush has filed for custody of Terri Schiavo.

I think that they should give Jeb! custody, with the stipulation that Jeb! has to personally care for Schiavo 24/7. Oh, and he’s got to keep Noelle out of Terri meds.

That would probably make his jaw drop. Not to mention starting a chins-valanche.

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