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Over at Power Line one of the three stooges (Shemp this time) thinks that the Schiavo talking points memo is probably bogus because, well, it makes Republicans look bad (like they weren’t already doing their best to look like ghouls):

We have expressed skepticism about the authenticity of the “talking points” memo; the most recent developments have only served to heighten our skepticism.

Those developments include:

Typos– because typos never ever happen in real life.
Not everybody got the memo– that never happens either.
Democratic staffers are the ones who gave it to reporters– and that is so unfair and not by the rules and besides all Democratic staffers are former felons who prey on young women and then force them to get abortions and then become lesbians who shoot down the advances of attorneys who are visiting Washington from Minnesota whose wives either don’t understand them or giggle uncontrollaby at their putative penises. Oh yeah, Democratic staffers lie too and are well versed in the Black Arts of kerning and fonts and that is some scary shit.
It plagiarizes the Traditional Values Coalition– who are a completely different group than the Republicans and have never had any contact with any Republican politicians ever ever ever and, in fact, the TVC isn’t even aware that the Republican party exists or what country they are in.

…and besides, when has Shemp ever been wrong before?

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