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Caption Condi…hair politics edition

This is a perfect example of a woman that hates her natural hair texture. She’s been applying the lye for years to that mess; she probably doesn’t even know what her real hair actually feels like.

You will never see Condi with a kink in her hair. For all her political power, she too has bought into the “good hair/bad hair” mentality (that kinky hair is unfeminine, uncultivated, unclean — it goes on and on) and chooses to wear this asinine, conked style in order to “assimilate” into the dominant culture.

Would Condi have acheived the political power and position she holds today if she sported a short natural, braids or locs at the start of her career? Think about it. In the GOP? Good grief. Not when you have ads like the one below that feed into the mentality…

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