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Ann Coulter can be popped into a DVD player

Something’s going to be blown, no doubt.

The bony ass, bed-worn, intellectually bankrupt b*tch of the Reich is the focus of a brand-new documentary, “Is it true what they say about Ann?“. The breathtaking “special offer” on WingNutDaily is such a barrel of laughs that I had to post a snippet…

The most controversial political commentator of our day, Ann Coulter has sparred with Katie Couric on the “Today Show,” faced down Alan Dershowitz on “Geraldo” and sparked stormy confrontation on scores of college campuses. The author of four New York Times bestsellers, Coulter has a mad-cap mouth and an allergy to political correctness.

But who is the woman behind the stinging barb and the quick wit? [and the packs of pathological lies?] And what does she really believe when you strip off the rhetoric?

“Is It True What They Say About Ann?” – a new documentary DVD by Patrick Wright and Elinor Burkett – takes you behind the bombast through original interviews with the woman Al Franken calls “the reigning diva of the hysterical right” and who George magazine selected as one of the 20 most fascinating women in politics.

The DVD includes:

* “Is It True What They Say About Ann?” 40 minutes
* Watch an additional 40 minutes of exclusive interviews with Ann
* Delight as Ann lets loose with her fans at the Conservative Political Action Caucus [Is this some kind of wingnut porn?]
* Watch Ann eviscerate a special issue of the New York Times
* Go up close and personal with Ann at a Clare Boothe Luce event
* Flip through an Ann Coulter Photo album

Who wouldn’t want to see even more images of our favorite racist, homo-bigot man-vessel of the right wing elite?

I hope that they got a chance to interview Ann about her spirited defense of White House Hooker “Jeff Gannon”, and her Helen “Old Arab” Thomas comment that had to be edited out of her syndicated column (but appears in its original glory on Coulter’s web site).

Oh, and if you hand over your $22.50 for the pleasure of owning this DVD, WingNutDaily will send you three issues of its “acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine.”

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Pam Spaulding