…and here they come tumbling out of the tiny little car.

The clowns at Clownhall are going all Schiavo all of the time. Here’s their “What’s New” list:

Thomas Sowell
‘Cruel and unusual’
Matt Towery
Inside the numbers: Terri Schiavo
David Limbaugh
More prayers For Terri
Donald R. May
Terri’s Case — It’s All About Money, Power, and Our Constitution
Cal Thomas
Schiavo case matters in symbol and substance
Jack Kemp
Another chance to open markets and expand trade

Jack Kemp, by golly, always the wonk. They’re going to take away his funny red nose.

By the way, Thomas Sowell makes the “what the fuck?” statement of the day:

The fervor of those who want to save Terri Schiavo’s life is understandable and should be respected, even by those who disagree. What is harder to understand is the fervor and even venom of those liberals who have gone ballistic — ostensibly over state’s rights, over the Constitutional separation of powers, and even over the sanctity of family decisions.

These are not things that liberals have any track record of caring about.

Dishonest or incipient brain death? You decide.

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