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Think these pious cheerleaders want to square off against the TX rump-shakers?

The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders are unlikely to offend Texas State Rep. Al Edwards, who’s extremely concerned about “bumping and grinding on the sidelines.”

Here’s a nice bookend to yesterday’s post, Buffy in Texas better not bump and grind on the football field. A Texas legislator wanted to pass legislation because he was outraged by the way cheerleaders are “shaking their behinds and going on, breaking it down.” In Georgia, we have a group of gyration-free cheerleaders for Christ that might pass State Rep. Al Edwards’s muster for “booty call-free” action on the field. (AgapePress):

A Georgia-based organization is bringing together cheerleaders who have a passion for Christ and a desire to be servant-leaders.

It was nearly 20 years ago when the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders (FCC) was formed. Since then the Lawrenceville, Georgia-based organization has sponsored numerous competitions each year throughout the nation, summer camps, and other activities. John Blake, national event coordinator for FCC, says there are many cheerleaders who want to honor God with their talents and gifts.

“We want to use cheerleading as a way that we can reach out,” Blake explains. “Cheerleaders are supposed to be servant-leaders — people who reach out to other people, not people who want the spotlight on themselves; and that’s what we want to equip them to do. We want to equip them to be servant-leaders, to be leaders who lead by example — not in a negative light, but in one that’s positive and uplifting like a cheerleader should be.”

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