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The Rotting Cryptkeeper Phelps goes after Judy Shepard tomorrow at Ole Miss

The hate-filled roadshow stops in Mississippi to spew on Matthew Shepard’s mother Judy, who is speaking at an event sponsored by the University of Mississippi Gay Straight Alliance. Click on the document to see the awful WBC release (PDF).

There’s no end to the filthy behavior of the Westboro Baptist Church’s Reverend Fred Phelps. The Rotting Cryptkeeper’s next public display of intolerance will be tomorrow. As his “press release” states:

WBC to picket the sodomite whorehouse (Ezek. 16:24) masquerading as the University of Mississippi, the Ole Miss GSA feces-eaters, and the Mother-from-Hell Judy Shepard – Fulton Chapel on the Ole Miss campus at 7 p.m. Mar. 22…Judy Shepard as God sees her: the morally-diseased witch living like an ugly carcass of her dead faggot son.

…All the fag candlelight vigils, memorials and maudlin speeches by his vulture mother (at $10,000 a pop) combined, can’t buy Matt a drop of water to cool his tongue in Hell’s flames.

Children being poisoned by the hate of Fred Phelps.

Fortunately, that sideshow isn’t going to stop her appearance, which is warmly welcomed by the university. (Daily Mississippian):

J. Thomas Vasser Jr., vice president of the GSA, organized the effort to bring Shepard to Ole Miss. He said her availability and the power of her message influenced the GSA’s choice to have Shepard speak here. “First of all, Judy Shepard’s mission and lecture reflect the theme of this year’s national Women’s History Month, which is ‘Women Change America,’” she said, “Secondly, the Center’s gender studies courses analyze the existence and causes of the ignorance and hatred that Shepard brings to our attention.”

“Homophobia and sexism, for example, reinforce each other. Homophobia usually insists on rigid gender roles that may prevent us from achieving full personhood.”

Marc Showalter, director of the University Counseling Center, believes events like Shepard’s lecture bring up topics that can positively affect diversity on campus.

“Events like Mrs. Shepard’s lecture begin conversations that ask about her message and what she’s trying to say,” he said, “It’s important to have these conversations even if they’re uncomfortable or controversial.”

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