We’re dancing for Dear Leader as fast as we can

Kathryn Jean Lopez, who apparently stayed up all weekend making sure that her close personal friend and soulmate Terri Schiavo was rescued from some guy she married years ago, points out that President Compassion is slightly more evolved than members of the Texas legislature:

During the debate tonight, Democrats in the House have said that the president is inconsistent on Terri Schiavo because when he was governor of Texas he signed a bill that was recently used in a terrible case in Texas to deny lifesaving treatment to a baby against the child’s family’s wishes.

But according to a source familiar with what went down in Texas, the then-governor signed into law something better than what Texas hospitals were already doing. There were not enough votes in the Texas legislature to require life-saving treatment to patients, which is what the governor would have preferred….

Maybe if he had shown up at the “lege” in his little flightsuit costume he could have twisted a few arms with his God-given powers and maybe saved a few lives. But, you know, the Rangers were playing a televised doubleheader that day and Ken-Boy was coming over with some chips and a six pack of Lone Star and then they decided to barbeque some steaks and then some buddies stopped by with some more Lone Star and, long story short, next thing you know the redwood deck is on fire and a bunch of drunks are trying to put it out by peeing on it…

What? Like that’s never happened to you?

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