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Two years and counting in Iraq…

An Iraqi boy, Ahmed Muhsen, plays in the crater left after a roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi Army patrol in southern Baghdad.(AP Photo/Mohammed Uraibi)

There’s no end in sight. From the wonderful blog, Facing South, some sobering statistics:

Percent of U.S. soldiers that are from Southern states: 42
Percent of soldiers that are based in the South: 56
Number of U.S. soldiers that have died in Iraq: 1,520
Estimated number of soldiers wounded: 17,000
Percent in U.S. who think number of U.S. casualties has been “unacceptable”: 70
Estimated number of civilian deaths in Iraq: 100,000
Cost of Iraq war to U.S. taxpayers, in billions: $157.9
Number of children that could have received health insurance for that amount: 94,000,000
Number of permanent military bases currently being constructed in Iraq: 11

Sources on file at the Institute for Southern Studies.

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