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Diocese of San Diego denies Catholic funeral rites to bar owner

You cannot even leave this earth in peace if you’re gay and you own a couple of bars. When will the gay-bashing stop? It’s completely enraging to read crap like this. I doubt that a murderer or thief (or, might we say, a pedophile priest) would be denied a Catholic funeral service. Talk about big brass American Taliban balls. (SanDiegoDailyTranscript):

A member of the Greater San Diego Business Association and owner of two gay bars has been denied a funeral at the University of San Diego and in any Catholic church or chapel in the Diocese of San Diego.

John McCusker, 31, owner of Club Montage and ReBar, two local gay nightspots, died early March 13. McCusker suffered an apparent heart attack while at the Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort on vacation. The bars are closed indefinitely according to a notice on the Club Montage Web site.

The Mono County Coroner’s Office said that an official cause of death is pending the outcome of a toxicology report.

A 1996 graduate of USD, McCusker’s family wanted to have the funeral service there, but was denied after church officials received information about him and his businesses. Joyce Marieb, executive director of the Greater San Diego Business Association, called McCusker, “a great leader and the kind of guy that people love to see because he gives back and is very generous to the community.”

“We all know what this is about,” Marieb said, who knew McCusker for the past five and a half years. “They [the Catholic Church] claim they’ve buried other gay people and that it’s because of the bar aspect.”

A statement released earlier Thursday by Rodrigo Valdivia, chancellor for the Diocese of San Diego, explains the church’s actions. “The facts regarding the business activity of John McCusker were not known by church officials when arrangements were requested for his funeral. When these facts became known the bishop of San Diego concluded that to avoid public scandal Mr. McCusker can’t be granted a funeral in a Catholic church or chapel in the Diocese of San Diego.”

[You want a public scandal? How about the hundreds of abused children, molested at the hands of priest that they trusted? The millions spent sweeping it all under the rug and the millions that are now being paid out in lawsuits? Good night!]

So what about McCusker would cause a public scandal? “His business is adult entertainment, which is inconsistent with Catholic teaching” Valdivia said. “People would be scandalized that the church granted a funeral to a person who had this type of business activity.”

But, according to Valdivia, the Catholic Church does not consider all bars and clubs “adult entertainment “There’s a lot of different things that can play into what would make a business activity something that was notoriously against Catholic teaching or not. It would not necessarily be if (the club) was gay or not.”

When asked what about McCusker or his business goes against Catholic teaching, Valdivia said he couldn’t say, for legal reasons.

…McCusker’s memorial service is now planned for 11 a.m., March 18 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, an Episcopal church.

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