Worried WASPs

“Will my Social Security money be there to use on Oxycontin and Xanax?” Posted by Hello

Social Security must be in a lot worse shape than we think.

President Bush enlisted his 79-year-old mother on Friday in his campaign to overhaul Social Security, with the former first lady, in a cameo role as a participant in a “conversation” on the issue, appearing with him on stage in Pensacola to express her concern about the program’s solvency.

In a sign that the White House was using every part of its arsenal to try to gain support for transforming the retirement program – or as evidence that any man can use help from his mother – the popular Barbara Bush led off testimonials from five other panelists vetted by the White House. Hers was a plea on behalf of numerous Bush family offspring who, she implied, might never see their Social Security checks.

“I’m here because your father and I have 17 grandchildren,” Mrs. Bush told the president, adding that they were all born after 1950. “And we want to know, is someone going to do something about it?”

For the record, Barbara Bush only gets $422 a month which takes care of rent, a nice dinner at Black Angus once a month, and still leaves her with a few dollars to put away for her bi-monthly Brazilian.

(Okay. Ew.)

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