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No homos welcome in the Holy Land

Pastor and radio show host Leo Giovinetti says “we can’t let the proposed homosexual event take place.”

Real-Life Radio talk show host and evangelical Leo Giovinetti is a new name to me. He’s based in San Diego. There’s a petition campaign to try and stop a world Pride celebration, and he’s leading the charge. (Agape Press)

A coalition of ultra-Orthodox Jews from Jerusalem and evangelical Christians from the United States announced yesterday that their group intends to try to stop an international homosexual celebration called the “World Pride Parade” from taking place in the holy city this summer. However, the mayor of Jerusalem has said he has no means to prevent the “gay pride” event from occurring. The coalition, which includes a number of Israeli lawmakers, is hoping to collect a million signatures in opposition to the celebration. San Diego pastor Leo Giovinetti is the leader of the Christian group. According to Associated Press reports, organizers of the parade claim they want to promote tolerant coexistence, but Giovinetti believes holding the homosexual pride parade in Jerusalem will offend the religious sensibilities of many communities. He is quoted as stating that millions worldwide who pray for the peace of Jerusalem are “heartbroken” over what he calls a misguided effort to “divide, inflame and sow disunity.” InterPride, the group that organizes homosexual pride parades around the world, made the decision to host the international event in Jerusalem this year. The last World Pride Parade was held in Rome, Italy, in 2000. Giovinetti believes the choice of a major religious center both then and now is no accident, but demonstrates clearly that the InterPride agenda is to provoke and offend religious communities.

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Pam Spaulding