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Freepers coming to NC to protest

Do they make Purell in a big enough economy size to disinfect Fayetteville? The Freepi are gathering on Sunday to provide a counter-protest to anti-war demonstrations in the city. Yawn. (NC Rumors):

Patriotic Americans from and Carolina Support the Troops, along with families of Veterans, families of WTC victims, VFW’s and active military personnel will be gathering–in the clearly demarcated “American Zone”–across from Rowan Park in Fayetteville on Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 11 am, to show support for our troops and the families of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. will also be counterprotesting the Socialist Antiwar events taking place over the weekend. Once again, busloads of leftist activists will descend upon Fayetteville, NC, in an attempt to demoralize the will of our American troops, by targeting their loved ones with antiwar drivel in this economically hard-hit, military town. The leftists will march with socialist banners and bring out an array of speakers decrying the war and advocating every variety of left-wing topic from Marxism and socialism, to homosexual “issues,” to secularism, to pro-Hezbollah Palestinianism. (Seriously – last year they all were really there!)

Last year, FReepers countered the leftwing protests with the added participation of Rolling Thunder, Protest Warriors, Vets and other patriotic Americans. This year, we’ll do it again!

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding