He’s a wacky God, isn’t He?

It being St. Patricks’s Day, Peggy Noonan started drinking a wee bit earlier than usual:

It is an idiot’s errand to follow such testimony with commentary. It’s too big. There is nothing newspaper-eloquent to say. We have entered Flannery O’Connor country, and only geniuses need apply.

Here are mere facts. They were together seven hours and each emerged transformed. He gave himself up without a fight and is now in prison. She reported to police all that had transpired, the police told the press, and now she is famous.

Tuesday evening on the news a “hostage rescue expert” explained that she “negotiated like a pro.” Actually what she did is give Christian witness. It wasn’t negotiation. It had to do with being human.

It is an amazing and beautiful story. And for all its unlikeliness you know it happened as Smith said. You know she told the truth. It’s funny how we all know this.

I’m having a bit of trouble with this Flannery O’Connor connection. Is she talking about Good Country People where a fake Bible salesman steals a womans leg? Or is it The Life You Save May Be Your Own?

Either way, it appears that Peggy is cool with God letting Brian Nichols slaughter four people before He brought Nichols to Ashley Smith’s door to be saved and she could write a book about it.

Boy, He does move in mysterious ways…

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